Sirius is characterized by an innovative design approach that is a result of research into better primary stability and fast osseointegration in the most complex cases.
  • Platform Switching

    Preserve the crestal bone height and soft tissue levels, increasing the quality outcomes in treatments

  • Deep micro thread at the coronal region

    Makes this implant particularly suitable for immediate or early implantation following extraction or loss of natural teeth and specially designed to support primary stability

  • Double thread design

    Increases BIC over the entire body of the implant and support fast and easy implant insertion

  • Implant Surface

    Sand blasting and acid etching extends to the top of the implant ensuring a surface of high quality which has been proven to maximize the BIC (Bone Implant Contact)

  • Self Tapping

    Enables easy insertion and stabilizes the implant

  • Apically tapered implant body

    Designed to support cases involving soft bone or fresh extraction sockets where primary stability is important

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