A Cylindrical screw type implant, self-tapping design with a progressive thread  suitable in all surgical indications and ideal for most bone types. Features double threads that offers fast insertion and allows bone compression during insertion.
  • Platform Switching

    Preserve the crestal bone height and soft tissue levels, increasing the quality outcomes in treatments

  • Micro thread at the coronal region

    Quadruple micro thread offering optimal load distribution and stress values, allowing maximum crestal bone preservation

  • Double thread design

    Increases BIC over the entire body of the implant and support fast and easy implant insertion

  • Implant Surface

    Sand blasting and acid etching extends to the top of the implant ensuring a surface of high quality which has been proven to maximize the BIC (Bone Implant Contact)

  • Cylindrical Implant Body

    Cylindrical shape in the apical region, an ideal implant for most bone types

  • Self Tapping

    Enables easy insertion and stabilizes the implant

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