TAV Dental iCone Conical Connection implant merges its original proven cylindrical body with a tight sealed conical connection, offering an esthetic solution for all indications.
iCone implants are available in a versatile range of diameters and lengths for all indications and comes in two platforms, Standard and wide that are color coded for easy identification. The iCone system is further supported by corresponding restorative components designed for long-term function and esthetics.
  • A strong and stable fit between implant and Abutment

    11° cone that seals off the interior of the implant, minimizing micromovements and microleakage

  • Internal Double Hexagon

    Features 12 indexing positions

  • Platform Switching

    Preserve the crestal bone height and soft tissue levels, increasing the quality outcomes in treatments

  • Micro Threads

    On the implant neck offers optimal load distribution and stress values, minimizing bone resorption

  • Double thread design

    Increases BIC over the entire body of the implant and support fast and easy implant insertion

  • Implant Surface

    Sand blasting and acid etching ensures a surface of high quality which has been proven to maximize the BIC (Bone Implant Contact)

  • Color Coding

    iCone system comes in two platforms that are color coded for easy identification

  • Self Tapping

    Enables easy insertion and stabilizes the implant

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