Soft Tissue Biological Response to Zirconia and Metal Implant Abutments Compared With Natural Tooth: Microcirculation Monitoring as a Novel Bioindicator

Zirconia Implants in Esthetic Areas: 4-Year Follow-Up Evaluation Study

Titanium Corrosion Mechanisms in the Oral Environment: A Retrieval Study

In vivo performance of zirconia and titanium implants: a histomorphometric study in mini pig maxillae

In vitro biofilm formation on commercially available machined and micro-roughened titanium and zirconia implant surfaces

In Situ Biofilm Formation on Titanium, Gold Alloy and Zirconia Abutment Materials

A prospective clinical study to evaluate the performance of zirconium dioxide dental implants in single-tooth gaps

Osseointegration of zirconia implants : an SEM observation of the bone-implant interface

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