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TAV Dental is a professional, dynamic and innovative unit founded as a division of TAV Medical Ltd, a company with more than 40 years of experience in the medical field. TAV Dental manufactures a wide range of precise devices using a variety of raw materials for the dentistry market. TAV Dental is founded on advanced technology, which serves as a significant basis for all developments and production processes. Our aim is to use advanced technology and the most innovative manufacturing processes in order to offer such novelty to the dental industry. TAV Dental uses several technologies to develop and manufacture products, including:

  • CNC Technology Computer Numerical Control
  • MIM Technology Metal Injection Molding
  • CIM Technology Ceramic Injection Molding
  • PIM Technology Plastic Injection Molding

The company’s strength lies in the combination of these four technologies under one roof, as each of them enables the development and manufacturing of various products of the highest quality and accuracy using different techniques and materials. Tav Dental is focused on developing and manufacturing zirconia dental products with a vision to redefine, better than ever, the quality of Zirconia dental products and its performances. With this vision, TAV Dental is committed to lead the dental market into a new era of high quality, esthetic, accurate and definitive zirconia products, and to make this premium zirconia line common worldwide.

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