TAV Dental uses several technologies to develop and manufacture its products. The company’s strength lies in the combination of these four technologies under one roof, as each of them enables the development and manufacturing of various products of the highest quality and accuracy using different techniques and materials.

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CIM / MIM Injection Molding

Tav Medical offers complete manufacturing services including design, engineering and tools production for MIM (Metal Injection Molding) and CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding) technologies. Tav Medical uses advanced technologies and equipment to manufacture small to large quantities of complex shaped, high performance products. The CIM technology offers precision, flexibility in product design, accurate and consistent dimensions, all of these in mass production. The MIM technology provides a manufacturing process that delivers high accuracy and products strength intricate precision parts, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Plastic Injection Molding

TAV Medical provides injection-molding services, specializing in using a variety of exotic raw materials such as: Radel, PPS, Polyurithane, Peek. All production is performed in ISO 8 Clean Rooms. From initial concept through design, development and prototype, to full-scale production, TAV Medical provides a complete manufacturing service:

  • Manufacturing Tools
  • Injection Molding
  • Assembly
  • Pad Printing
  • Blister Packaging
  • Bulk Packaging
tav dental plastic injection
tav dental molds

Molds Manufacturing

TAV Medical specializes in manufacturing high precision, multi-cavity or single cavity injection molds for complex medical and technical plastic parts. Each Tav Medical mold is uniquely designed and built to provide the reliable and continuous production of accurate and uniform plastic parts. These meet the exacting demands of hi-tech applications, especially in the medical industry. TAV Medical always uses state-of-the-art equipment to produce its molds.

CNC Machinery

The Research and Development team at TAV Medical utilizes its extensive experience to support and advise customers during all stages of the R&D phase. These include providing state-of-the-art innovative technological solutions, taking into consideration future mass production manufacturing and ensuring accurate and cost effective processes. TAV Medical R&D tools are manufactured at the highest quality and precision in order to meet final product requirements at the shortest possible delivery time.

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