internal hex implants

silhouette dental implant

A cylindrical screw type implant, self-tapping design with a progressive thread  suitable in all surgical indications and ideal for most bone types. Features double threads that offers fast insertion and allows bone compression during insertion.

internal hex range
sirius dental implant

Sirius is characterized by an innovative design approach that is a result of research into better primary stability and fast osseointegration in the most complex cases.

internal hex range
sole dental implant

An advanced, root from screw type dental implant, featuring conical implant core and reverse buttress thread making it ideal for all bone types and clinical indication.
Available in standard and narrow internal Hex platforms.

sole dental implant range


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icone dental implant

TAV Dental iCone Conical Connection implant merges its original proven cylindrical body with a tight sealed conical connection, offering an esthetic solution for all indications.
iCone implants are available in a versatile range of diameters and lengths for all indications and comes in two platforms, Standard and Wide that are color coded for easy identification. The iCone system is further supported by corresponding restorative components designed for long-term function and esthetics.

icone range